Victory Chili fest


Our Lady of Victory parish held their annual Chili fest this past weekend. This fest takes place during the football games and starts in the morning with the Bandit players and lasts until the end of the Varsity game. The funds go toward the football program to help pay for equipment and field maintenance.  The Chili is supplied by the parents and members of the parish; some of the best in the business contribute to this delicious fundraiser.

I participated in this Chili fundraiser, and enjoyed a delicious bowl of white chicken chili. I noticed that the crowd was much larger than a normal Saturday game; people were sticking around after their games to enjoy some delicious chili. I even noticed the event was able to awake senior Curtis Johnson from his sleeping slumber to watch his brothers play some football and enjoy some chili.

For many people the chili fest is a much anticipated event. For senior Jake Luebbe it’s a big deal, he said he wouldn’t miss it for the world.

“I’m pumped for the Fest…. Especially the white chicken chili,” said Jake. “I will eat at least six bowls.”

For fans like Jacob this is a great experience that brings the community together to enjoy some football,  raise money for a good cause. For some people, it was a pleasant distraction from the 36-0 beating the Vipers received from the Visitation Vikings.

This fun filled day doesn’t come easy. It took a lot of help and preparation, from the numerous pots of homemade chili to the workers dishing out servings.

Jimmy Dirr was one of the many workers helping to create this event a success. Jimmy worked for four hours serving chili to the fans. He started during the first game and worked until the end. When asked about his experience Jimmy said, “It was a good time. Just eating chili and watching some football.”

Jimmy also said his favorite chili was a spicy stew called “Viper Vomit”. So all in all this event was a success, from the team serving up chili to the teams on the field. It was a positive experience for all.