Baker Mayfield and Johnny Manziel

A few week ago I saw a tweet that compared Baker Mayfield to Johnny Manziel. It said, “Johnny Manziel was like that favorite hoodie you had…It fit perfect, comfortable, wore it all the time…Then one day Mom ruins it in the wash by accident, and buys you a new one that is almost the same, but not quite..and that is Baker Mayfield.” I thought this tweet was funny and was somewhat true, so it inspired me to write this article.

I would first like to say that I appreciate both for their greatness. They are both fun to watch and talented players. Both are considered undersized, white, and mobile quarterbacks so that makes them both underdogs to a degree, so that also makes them easy to root for.

Their journeys to college football legends both started in high school, less than 100 miles from each other. Johnny Manziel went Kerrville high school, while Baker Mayfield went to Lake Travis. Both earned multiple honors for their accomplishments and both lead to their teams far into the playoffs. Their recruitment is where it starts to get different.

Johnny was highly recruited out of high school, and was originally committed to Oregon. Later he switched to Texas A&M. Baker was lightly recruited out of high school. But he knew how good he really was and decided to walk on at Texas Tech. After one season he transferred to Oklahoma.

Johnny’s college career was spectacular. He led his team as a freshman and did incredible things, including beating #1 Alabama. He was the first freshman to win the Heisman trophy ever, earning himself the nickname “Johnny Football”.

As Baker Mayfield’s college career is winding down, it is time to look back on his accomplishments. He has led his team to multiple conference championships. This year he has led to team the playoffs as the #2 seed and won multiple awards like Best Quarterback and Best College Player. But it doesn’t end there. He has a chance for the third straight season to win the Heisman and for the first time to when a National championship.

Another one of their similarities is their antics on and off the field. Johnny’s swagger got him into trouble multiple times on the field. He made the money sigh which some saw as disrespectful. Baker Mayfield’s competiveness has also got him into trouble multiple times with his crotch grab and planting the flag. They both also had run-ins with the police, which most can just admit to them being college kids and living their lives.

While Baker Mayfield’s career could lead him to anything in the future, it seems Johnny’s has sizzled out. He got cut after 1 season and a couple of games with the browns. But there is no need to feel bad because he has oil money and 10 million dollar deal with Nike.