The Donald’s first year in review

The Donalds first year in review

Trump’s first year is now being reviewed by everyone, and The Quill is no exception.

Trump kept up his twitter presence throughout the year. He has no problem arguing with anyone about anything, and most people are pretty tired of it.

“I guess what disappoints me is his excessive use of twitter, and his blatant bullying and abusive way he uses twitter. The office of the presidency is a very prestigious position and not one to act like a 15-year old girl and start taking shots at everyone on twitter… His ego gets in the way quite a bit,” said Mr. Flaherty, American History teacher at Elder.

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While his use of twitter has been a blemish, he has had three big successes in  his first year. Unemployment is down, the economy is producing, and the stock market is growing to record highs! Mr. Spencer, a world history teacher at Elder, thinks the reason the stock market is doing great is because Trump has cut back regulations and allowed businesses to thrive in America.

The least reported success during Trump’s presidency has been his success against the war on terror. “By letting the military take charge and changing some of the rules of engagement, Isis has been largely defeated,” said Mr. Spencer.

Isis is down to 2,000 or less members, and they hold very little to no land. These are down greatly from the numbers when Trump took over.

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The best thing about his first year has been his inability to do the things he said he would do during the campaign i.e. the wall.

— Jack Hammersmith

Some people think something else is the best thing about Trump presidency. “The best thing about his first year has been his inability to do the things he said he would do during the campaign i.e. the wall,” said Elder senior Jack Hammersmith.

Hammersmith believes that Trump’s first year got better as it went on, but that is only because “it started off really bad.”

The decisions he has made that will have the most impact in the future are the appointment of Neil Gorsuch and his new tax plan.

Trump has had a very eventful first year.  He has everybody’s attention, for better or for worse, and he has no intention of changing any of his ways. He is using social media like no president ever has before. He is the most politically incorrect president we have ever had, and he is the most aggressive president we have ever had. All of those facts can be good or bad depending on who is looking at them, but one thing is for sure. This is going to be a roller coaster over the next three years.