Bengals disappoint…again

It can’t get worse, right?

What else did you expect?  The Bengals have been one of the more disappointing teams in the past decade. So some would think that would cause for a change, right?

Instead of firing Marvin Lewis after this very average season and many average seasons before that, they signed him to a two-year extension!

For two more years, Bengal fans have to put up with the most mediocre coach is the history of the NFL.  The only other person that has been with the same team as long as Lewis is the Patriots coach, Bill Belichick.

Marvin trying his best

The only difference is the Bill Belichick has five Super Bowl wins.  While Marvin has seven playoff appearances, but no wins.  That’s terrible.

Why does Mike Brown keep trusting that he will turn the franchise around when he has proven over and over and over again that he just can’t win in big games.

I talked to some diehard Bengal fans about what has happened and let’s just say some nice words weren’t said.

“It’s bull****,” said Nick Dirr, “Mike Brown doesn’t care at all about the fans and the people that have made this franchise continue in this great city.”

Other fans have told me that they have canceled their season tickets for next year because of that decision.  This one move has caused and will cause more and more damage to the revenue coming in for the Bengals and it puts a lot of pressure on Mike Brown.

If this trend of them losing more and more fans and ticket sales continues, will he do what he should of done in the first place and fire Marvin?  I would.  What’s more important, saving your fans, which is basically how you get your paycheck at the end of the week, or continue to struggle?

Fans are the most important piece to a NFL team.  The more fans the more revenue.  No one likes rooting for a mediocre team in a mediocre city with a mediocre coach.

Iloka disappointed

A change is needed and needed soon, but who can step up?

It’s a long shot, but what about one of the Patriots coordinators.  Offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels, and defensive coordinator, Matt Patricia.

Two people who have been coordinators for their coaching careers, waiting for a shot at head coach.  Also recent reports say there is bad chemistry through the coaches, the owner, and QB Tom Brady.

Daniels and Patricia have been looking for head coaching jobs, but have never gotten the chance.  At this point the Bengals have nothing to lose so why not just try and it, and if it doesn’t work, well at least they are making an effort to change.

It’s time for something new and I think everyone can agree with me on that.