Celebrities love sports

Top celebs you’ll see at sporting events


There has always been a close connection between celebrities and professional athletes. If you’re watching a game, odds are you’re seeing a celebrity flash across the screen at some point. But my question is; who are the biggest sports fan celebrities?

I have narrowed down the top eight biggest celebrity sports fans around the country.


Starting the list off at number eight is famous rapper Drake and his beloved Toronto Raptors. Drake’s hometown of Toronto has made him an avid Raptors fan and has secured a legitimate job with the raptors as a “Global Ambassador.” Sitting courtside at most home games, the fans love for Drake is never-ending. Everybody loves the man and the Raptors are lucky to have him on their bench.

2 Chainz

Number seven on the list goes to hip hop artist 2 Chainz. His love and dedication to the Atlanta Hawks even landed him a C.E.O position in the organization for a day. The Hawks are good to him and he is good to the Hawks. His upbringing from deep in the heart of Atlanta has planted the roots for his super fan position and explains why he is the Hawk’s biggest fan.

Mark Wahlberg

Number six on the list goes to Mark Wahlberg. His deep ties to Boston, stemming from childhood, has always revolved around any Boston sports team weather it was the Red Sox, Celtics, or the Patriots. You can likely spot him throwing out the first pitch, shooting a half-court shot, or standing on the sideline at any of these games. He loves to be involved and be active with his team showing his true passion for Boston.

Will Smith

Number five goes to the Fresh Prince himself; Will Smith. “West Philadelphia born and raised”; it’s obvious that the Philadelphia 76ers would be his team. Coming from Philly, Smith’s dream was always to be an owner of the 76ers and he accomplished that. A proud partial owner and super fan, the 76ers are lucky to be so beloved by the GOAT himself.

Jimmy Buffet

Number four goes to singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffet and his Miami Heat. Probably one of the most vocal on the list; Buffett has been known for screaming at the refs and officials. His antics have even ended in him getting kicked out of a game. You can’t deny his passion for the heat and because of that he sits at four on the list.

Jerry Seinfeld

Number three on the list is standup comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld. The Mets need all the laughs they can get because it’s been since 1986 that the Mets have been on the championship radar. Jerry’s love for the Mets even landed him some commentator gigs the past few years; involving him in the booth cracking jokes alongside Mets legends.

Vince Vaughn

Number two goes to actor Vince Vaughn. Born in the Windy City, Vaughn can still be spotted today walking the streets of downtown Chicago. He has been a resident of Chicago his whole life and his biggest attraction has to be the Chicago Blackhawks. He sits behind the glass at almost every home game cheering on his team.

Spike Lee

Number one goes to the biggest celebrity sports fan: Spike Lee. The New York Knicks wouldn’t be quite the same without Spike courtside at Madison Square Garden. His passion and commitment to the team is second to none. It isn’t a coincidence that MSG arena is so famous. Spike Lee does his part to bring a crowd in night in and night out for the Knicks and will go down as the most beloved celebrity fan of all time.

Celebrities love their sports teams and we love to see it. There has always been a bond between athletes and celebrities that explains why they have such deep team loves. Sports just wouldn’t be the same without seeing a Drake or Spike Lee sitting court side passionately cheering their team on.