Lindner College of Business set to finish new building

University of Cincinnati Lindner College of Business

This year graduating high school seniors heading to the University Of Cincinnati Lindner College Of Business have something to look forward to. With Elder students Tyler Durr and Lou Langen receiving the Carl H. Lindner Honors-PLUS Scholarship and the Kolodzik Business Scholarship being awarded to David Daeschner and Nick Albers, the New Lindner College of Business will be an exciting change for the University of Cincinnati and all those who plan to attend the business program.

UC Lindner College of Business in the process of building the new building

On May 15th, 2017, construction of the new Linder College of Business broke ground and is planned to be done in the fall semester of 2019. This new building has many features including a two story 150-seat lecture hall, a 250-seat auditorium, an expansion floor plan with over 160 offices for faculty members, research labs, huddle and breakout rooms, exam and tutoring areas, and lots of work space.

This new building is said to support new ways of learning and teaching. David Szymanski, Dean of the Lindner College of Business  said, “The new student that’s coming today, that 18-year-old, is thinking about how can I create my own business? They’re also thinking about how can I work across colleges?  We’re going to create that space that will allow those students to come and work together.”

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The new facility will be a 21st Century hub for our students, faculty and Greater Cincinnati business community, providing a collaborative space for education, research and innovation to thrive

— University of Cincinnati President Neville G. Pinto

The reason for the upgrade in building structure is because of such an increase in the undergrads going into the Lindner College of Business. According to Matt Koester there has been a 50 percent increase in undergrad students and a 200 percent increase in graduate students. This new building will give this increase in students a lot more room for school work and room to learn.

This project’s total cost is $120 million dollars with the Lindner family donating $6 million. According to Tom Demeropolis, senior staff writer from Cincinnati Business Courier, members of the Lindner family include Edyth Lindner, wife of the late Carl Lindner Jr.; Carl III and Martha Lindner; Craig and Frances Lindner, and Keith and Courtney Lindner. Not only is the Lindner family contributing, but also American Financial Group will gift them $5 million. According to Mike Koesters, fundraising started in August of 2015 and more than $20 million dollars has been raised.

The current building was constructed for only about 1,800 students which is only a little more than a third of the current enrollment of 5,000 students. This new building will really help reduce the need for classes in other buildings.

It is no rumor that a lot of Elder kids go to the University of Cincinnati so this new building will be very exciting. This building will provide a lot of opportunities for students to succeed while in the new Lindner College of Business.