Roles of junyas…Feet to fill

Football close-up featuring junior class standouts


Elder’s lineup features some strong junior this season.

Mason Berger is a great kid.

He works hard day in and day out to be the sixth man on the offensive line. Mason is the next man in on the offensive line if anyone gets injured, or fatigued. He is always so anxious to get in games. He just blurts out that he wants the ball in his hands.

Practice is always an adventure for the big fella. He said, “It’s not necessarily scary, I feel like I am one of the seniors.” He says the seniors on the team are some of the best in the city, so when it comes time for him to play he’s ready for the competition. So when Mason does get in he is used to the pressure.

Berger said, “Practice is also a lot harder because of the coaches and the upperclassmen.” The intensity level is twice as electric. Mason has gotten in this year and played good quality minutes against Football North. “I was shitting my pants the first couple of series, but once we got into a flow, I felt comfortable.”

This kid has been waiting to get in and he finally did and he did great. He was pumped after the game immediately texting me saying, “Got in boys.” It was fun the watch Berg lead the Herd! Except in this video below… Mason is the center getting absolutely destroyed.

On to the next junior, Joe Weber. Kid’s just an athlete; strictly an athlete. No upperclassman intimidates Joe at all. They are all a band of brothers and Joe loves it. He said, “The Seniors are all very welcoming.”

Joe’s role on the team is a backup corner, and he pushes the starters every day by wanting to take their spot. He pushes the two starting corners Steven and Colton every day. Joe is a gritty player and is famous for his trash talk.

If you guys are ever wondering why the kids we watch on Friday nights are so good this is why. Joe is one of those who works hard every day to make the starters better, like Weber!

Matthew Luebbe is also a junior that gets after it. Matthew plays a big role on the team in being very versatile. Luebbe said he does not feel much difference in grade levels. He said, “The whole team is one.”

Matthew claims he looks up to the seniors very much so, but in no way feels like he is below them.

Luebbe feels like there are more eyes on him at practice this year, and feels a tad more pressure than in the past. He also said its way more of a competition than in past years. Luebbe earns his playing time though in many different ways.

I guess you could say he is the backup quarterback, but he’s in like almost the whole game every game not necessarily at QB. Matthew also gets many reps as kind of a slot receiver and he contributes to the running game big time.

Luebbe looks for an open receiver (courtesy of EHSports)

Matthew is very determined for this year as he said, “We want state,” and was very energetic about it. Luebbe has already helped the team this year and contributed to wins.

Matthew and the starting QB Michael Bittner, have become very close according to Matthew. They have a strong relationship but Lubes still wants him gone…Kidding, they both love it. Elder football, road to state.