Ohio State remains unbeaten under coach Urban Meyer


23-0 is something that doesn’t go unnoticed.  Many people hate how Ohio State doesn’t play quality opponents and that they are overrated, but for the Buckeyes that’s just more fuel for the fire. Just this year Ohio State has only played two top 25 opponents. Northwestern was at number 16 when they beat them 40-30 and Wisconsin was ranked  number 23 when the Buckeyes prevailed 31-24.

The Buckeyes have also blown teams out, winning at home against Florida A&M 76-0, and beating Purdue at Purdue, 56-0.

Even with all the criticism the Buckeyes have yet to lose under Coach Urban Meyer, who has had his fair share of success. Because of NCAA rule violations Ohio State couldn’t compete in a bowl game last year so hasn’t had a chance to play against any other top teams. It is very likely that Ohio State will win out and finish this season 12-0 and go undefeated for two years in a row, but the Buckeyes can compete for a bowl game this year and will finally have the chance to silence the critics, and show everyone that they really are the real deal. Recently a Buckeye wide receiver Evan Spencer said, “I think we’d wipe the field with both of them.”

He was talking about Alabama and Florida State. Spencer received harsh criticism for his cockiness.

We probably will never know if Ohio State could beat either team, because of their easy schedule, Ohio State most likely won’t play for the national championship this season. Regardless of people’s opinions Ohio State has accomplished a lot since the hiring of Coach Meyer, and the team is looking for a chance to silence the criticism and show the nation what they can do.

Ohio State is one of the power houses of college football. Time and time again Ohio State has been able to find success in a season.  The Buckeyes have won seven national championships in the program’s history. The main goal for any college football team is to win, and the Buckeyes are looking to stay on the winning path. Such a weak schedule regular season doesn’t really testify to how good the Buckeyes are. If the Buckeyes want to be considered among college football’s elite, they need to win big in a big bowl to show that they can compete with other top tier teams.