Students predictions on in-state rivalry

Students predictions on in-state rivalry

Ladies and gents, the time has finally come.

After a five year hiatus, the Buckeyes have hesitantly decided to take on the Bearcats once more in “the Shoe”. Some may say fear has kept the Buckeyes away from the fiery new era of Luke Fickell, however, I couldn’t be more thrilled to except their challenge. Saturday will mark the 17th overall meeting between the two teams, with the Buckeyes leading the series 14-2.

The intimidating Milk Truck (Luke Kandra)

Although the last meeting in 2014 did not fair too well for the Bearcats, there is more hope this year with a much more prolific coaching staff leading a highly talented group of guys. Week 1 was promising as the ‘Cats defeated UCLA for the second year in a row, by a score of 24-14. Cincinnati quarterback, Desmond Ridder was 18-26 passing with 242 yards, 2 TDs, and 1 INT. Mike Warren II lead the charge with 92 yards on 26 carries while rushing for 1 TD.

As far as the Buckeyes coaching staff and roster go, there is no doubt they have a far more superior squad on paper. The Buckeyes week one was also not too shabby as they defeated Flordia Atlantic 45-21, in their home opener. Quarterback Justin Fields showed out, going 18-25 with 234 yards passing, and 4 TDs. Star running back J.K. Dobbins lead the push with 91 yards and 1 TD in the ground game.

Although the Buckeyes show better on paper, who’s to say an upset is too far from attainable? With that, let’s see what some of our very own here at Elder have to say.

“UC will not come close to beating OSU. This is the one time every few years when UC fans come out of the woodwork to share their stupid and delirious opinions. I can’t wait to tweet that Homer Simpson meme of him going back in the bushes after they get destroyed and all the UC fans go back to not talking. UC is not OSU’s rival, more like their annoying little brother that wants to go play with all of their friends,” furiously stated Ohio State alum, Mr. Justin Quatman.

Clearly a biased opinion, however, I have to say his words speak the truth to an extent. UC fans will come out of the woodwork as usual, but who’s to say this year isn’t the year we sit the Buck’s fans down? BOOM ROASTED.

Quatman Prediction: OSU – 41 UC – 14

I next sat down with Bearcat extraordinaire, Zach Dugan. Interesting enough, Dugan is a UC and Ohio State fan, making this a tough yet clearly not decision.

“I’m going to take Ohio State in a close game. I think Ohio State just has too many weapons on both sides of the ball which will be a big advantage. Justin Fields is a Heisman contender. Chase Young is arguably the best defensive player in the country.”

“UC’s defense is very talented and they have Mike Warren on offense. Although, James Wiggins (UC’s best defender) is out for the season, which means Ja’Von Hicks will need to step up in front of a big crowd in Columbus,” stated Dugan.

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When asked what it would take for the Bearcats to pull off the upset he added: “I think UC’s defense is capable of stopping Ohio State’s talented offense. The biggest thing with UC is that they can’t make mistakes. They can’t give Ohio State too many yards off of stupid penalties. I think UC’s offense is going to score a lot of points regardless. They just cant have mental mistakes in this game.”

Dugan Prediction: OSU – 34 UC – 31

After hearing out Dugan’s full analysis of the game, I figured I better take a step back and talk to a more soft spoken fan of this Saturday’s game. Joe Royer, 4-star Ohio State commit shared his views with me stating: “I think Ohio State will win because they are by far the more prolific football program. I don’t think there is really anything the Cats’ can do to take down the Buckeyes.”

Joe Royer on official visit (Joe Royer)

Royer Prediction: OSU – 52 UC – 7

After hearing three Ohio State winning predictions, I was ready for a change in scenery. Sean McCullough’s words speak for itself, “I don’t know what to say besides I just hate Ohio State. Born in Cincinnati equals hate Ohio State.”

McCullough Prediction: Cats’ by 90

The Bucks seem to be the favorite in this one, although I have no idea why.  Check out this link to see ESPN’s updated predictions for the game.

Make sure to flip your channel to ABC on 12:00 Saturday to watch the Cats’ take down the Buckeyes in a bloodbath for the top spot in Ohio.