Common things to do in the fall season

Here are four students from Elder High School explaining their favorite things to do in the Fall

Lukas Marlman 21

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Autumn… the year’s last, loveliest smile.”

— William Cullen Bryant

Fall seems to be most people’s favorite season, I guess its because we can finally bring out the hoodies and the sweat pants. But what activities can you do in the fall? Because it seems like the summer activities we do, aren’t able to be done during the fall. Also, in the fall, summer sports are just finishing up like, baseball, surfing, rugby, and softball. But many manage to play another sport during the fall like, football, soccer, volleyball, cross country, etc. Many people know that the fall is when the college football season starts, and even CYO is just barely in the fall season, and that can make anyone excited.

Brett Toepfer ’20

Brett went to St. Jude and is a STUD as Mr. Kreimer says (since he went to St. Jude.) Brett likes fall because of football and CYO. CYO is a laid back and chill basketball league that anyone can play while in high school and play for their grade school team. Brett likes fall because of college football and Elder football. He said, “It’s the time of year where the best sport is on.” Also, if any of you have ever played CYO basketball for your grade school then you know why Brett likes CYO. It’s probably that best thing to do during that time. Everyone seems to look forward to that first game and playing like there are no consequences. (which there really aren’t)

Jack Roth ’21

Jack went to Visitation which isn’t as good as Lourdes. Roth is a machine that’s ‘ok’ at wrestling because he doesn’t even know his record from last year. But Roth said he likes fall because, “I like fall because wrestling lifting starts and I love getting that grind on.” But Roth did remember how he pinned a guy in 10 seconds. Which isn’t too good because when I wrestled in fifth and sixth grade, I pinned a dude in 4-6 seconds. I don’t remember the exact the time. He also likes pep rallies and wants to be in the pep rally committee. He said, “I like how it gets me out of class, and because they’re funny sometimes, and when Dr. Wahlert talks I gets us hyped for the game. He also likes the Party in the Pit.

Jeremy Ward ’22

Ward is a sophomore at Elder and for grade school he went to the almighty Our Lady of Lourdes. I regularly remember seeing Ward in his neighborhood outside playing with friends, especially during the Fall season. They would either be playing football in Sam’s yard or shooting hoops on Sam’s hoop. When I asked what was his favorite things to do during the fall season, he said, “Baseball because I get to meet new people and start a new baseball season.” He also said, “Watching football is another thing I like to do during the fall, because I get to watch players get hit sticked a lot.” Many people like to watch football and, in my opinion, the greatest sport. However, many people do like the NFL and just like to watch college football because the NFL isn’t what it used to be according to Jeremy Ward.

Parker Nieman ‘23

Parker is a freshman at Elder and just recently left his grade school of Our Lady of Lourdes to move onto high school. (which is ten times better than any grade school.) Parker agrees with me and he said, “I like high school a lot better than grade school because the people of Elder are all great and the teachers, coaches, and staff are really good as well.” Sounds like another freshman is satisfied with the best high school in the nation. Parker said, “I like fall because of football, dances, and going out places.” He said that he likes football a lot because of the brotherhood, discipline, and team aspect of the sport. He likes the dances because he gets to go with all of his friends. He also said that every dance he’s been to has been great.

Fall is a season of which the holiday that gets everyone stuffed to the max. Thanksgiving is by far one of the best holidays. But fall is also about watching football with friends and with family and playing outside to an extent. Finally, the fall season is the season for hoodies and sweats.