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Three Rookies to watch this year


Clyde Edwards-Helaire in first NFL game

The 2020-2021 NFL season is upon us, and with all NFL seasons there is a new batch of rookies ready to make their mark on the league this season.

This draft was chock full of talent, from Joe Burrow to Chase Young, and many rookies will be looking to step into starting rolls and help their teams win. But the question remains ,who will have the biggest impact for their teams? For that answer, we look to the experts.

Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer released his picks for most impactful rookies and to noone’s shock he had Cincinnati Bengals rookie QB Joe Burrow as his number one. When talking about Burrow he said, “He plays the most important position, and he’ll have a pretty solid supporting cast around him.”

I agree with this, but the question with the Bengals is will his offensive line hold up and give him the protection he needs to be productive? This is the same concern for NFL Network’s Dan Parr. When talking about Burrow Parr says, “Do I have concerns about the Cincy O-line? You bet, but the Bengals skill position talent is highly underrated, and this should help Joe get out of trouble if needed.” This season will be an interesting one for Burrow one way or another.

Joe Burrow, QB, LSU (SB Nation)

Now let us talk defense. When it comes to impactful rookies it would be impossible to have this conversation without mentioning Burrow’s former teammate, Chase Young.

Young was the best defensive player in the draft and was drafted second overall by the Washington football team. Breer says this about Young, “ Chase Young is walking into the same situation as ex-teammate Nick Bosa was last year. Into a position group flush with first round talent that he’s capable of taking over the top. Washington could wind up with a top 10 defense and Young’s a huge reason why”.

Back on the offensive side of the ball, we have Kansas city running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire. When fellow student Jake Vollmer was asked what he thought Edwards-Helaire could do for the Chiefs he had this to say. “I think Edwards-Helaire is going to be able to give the Chiefs the running game they need to get back to the Super Bowl, they already have a ton of talent, but they needed a good reliable running back to give teams something else to worry about other than Patrick Mahomes ability to throw.”

I think that Edwards-Helaire has a chance to be a top-10 running back in the league. With his already talented line, a coaching staff that knows how to win much like the one he played for in college at LSU, and an MVP caliber quarterback in Mahomed Edwards-Helaire has all of the tools he needs to be a very impactful rookie this season.