Elder Football vs Walnut Hills – Week 5 from the eye of the camera

Through the lens of Gus Schlomer ’21 as he shoots the Elder Football win over Walnut Hills 35-7


Gus Schlomer '21

Coach Ramsey glances at the scoreboard with 5:32 left in the game

Hard hits, outstanding catches, big time plays, and grit. This describes the 2020 Elder football team to the tee, especially in the most recent game against Walnut Hills. As most are aware, there are no students, fans, faculty, and staff at the games. I made sure to capture all of the “Big Time Plays” on a camera to showcase to you. I present, Elder Football Week 5.


Drew Beckenhaupt (56) and Jacob Good (60) pose for a photo pregame (Gus Schlomer ’21)

Team and staff arrive at Walnut Hills around 5:40 pm and begin to get changed by the benches. Due to the pandemic, Players are prohibited from entering in the opposing school’s visiting locker rooms. After, a bit of good fun is shared between Drew Beckenhaupt and Jacob Good before warmups.




Camera Master Adam Duwel films pregame stretch as the players get loose (Gus Schlomer ’21)


Resident Elder videographer, Adam Duwel was my mentor on the journey that day as I had never photographed live sports. I like to stick to 35mm landscape and portraits, usually stills. On this occasion, I would be shooting digital for the first time. Mentor Duwel showed me how to use the camera, and how he documented the pregame warmups for the highlight reel after the game.




David Larkins (8) running routes pregame to warm up his quarterbacks (Gus Schlomer ’21)

Running Routes – around 6:20 pm, the team starts to do their pregame warmup routes with quarterback Ben Hambleton throwing to his receivers including David Larkins.





Zak Schlachter stretching it out and getting loose before the big game (Gus Schlomer ’21)


Stretch – 6:40 pm, team runs in their line from the goal line to the 50, initiating the team stretch to get lose before the game.






David Larkins (8) and other captains represent in the coin toss pregame. Panthers defer (Gus Schlomer ’21)

Panthers Defer – 6:52 pm Captain David Larkins calls the shots for the Panthers as they win the coin toss and defer.

First Quarter

Andrew Mueller (96) kicks off to get the game underway against Walnut Hills (Gus Schlomer ’21)

Kickoff – Mueller does his little half kick as he is too powerful from being a striker on the soccer team that he would kick the ball out of the end zone. Walnut Hills ball at the 15-yard line.






Fans in attendance
Parents and Family were allotted tickets to come see their child play (Gus Schlomer ’21)

“Pack it up Pack it in”, socially distanced of course – Elder was allotted 300 tickets for parents and family to come see there children participate. Not by any means is this as socially distanced as a game at The Pit or a regular season Columbus Crew game, but they tried their best.





JT Miller (2) makes a big play to break up the Walnut Hills pass (Gus Schlomer ’21)


Defense, our defense – the Panthers hold the Eagles scoreless on their first drive and this big play by JT Miller helped seal the deal to put the Panther offense on the field.






Drew Ramsey (12) runs in his first touchdown of the game, a 7-yard run to put the Panthers up 7-0 (Gus Schlomer ’21)

Touchdown Panthers – Drew Ramsey take in a 13-yard carry to put the Panthers up 7-0 after Mueller drills the PAT. This would stand as the only score of the first quarter and leave around five minutes left in the quarter.

Second Quarter

Nieman (18) hauls in his first big catch of the night to put the Panthers in scoring position (Gus Schlomer ’21)

“Everybody’s hands go up!” – Scotty Nieman hauls in a pass from Hambleton for a massive gain on this drive for the Panthers. This would definitely not be Scotty’s only big catch of the night. Foreshadowing.






Cooper Johnson (32) runs it in for the Panthers to extend their lead (Gus Schlomer ’21)

A big push – Nieman’s big reception sets up the Panthers for a scoring opportunity that needs to be capitalized on with the game being so tight. Cooper Johnson forces his way into the end zone to make it 14-0 Panthers after Mueller drills his second PAT of the night. Possibly a little hold at the end of the play?




Gallin Mitchell (10) bleeding from the forearm after a tough series against the O-Line (Gus Schlomer ’21)


Hard hits – This was a very physical game. Blown calls on both sides of the ball in favor of the Eagles meant that the Panthers needed to make sure they were playing lock down defense. For Gallin Mitchell, “this game was personal” as he was facing his former team and all of his friends.





Panther defensive line attempts to block Walnut Hills offense from scoring (Gus Schlomer ’21)

Touchdown Eagles – Walnut Hills score on a massive push from their O-Line on the 2-yard line. This would be their only touchdown of the game. 14-7 Panthers.


Referees recap the roughly officiated half during the 15 minute break in play (Gus Schlomer ’21)

Zebras – With the Panthers leading 14-7 at the half, there was much for the referees to consider. There were many blown calls against the Panthers that caused the first and only score for the Eagles.

Third Quarter

Scotty Nieman (18) makes a big play for his sixth touchdown of the season. (Gus Schlomer ’21)

Touchdown Panthers – a minute and a half into the second half, Scotty Nieman came up big with a 36-yard reception from Ben Hambleton, tallying Nieman’s sixth TD of the season. Mueller’s PAT is good, 21-7 Panthers.






Scotty Nieman (18) Celebrates his second Touchdown with Marco Sabato (4) in the end zone (Gus Schlomer ’21)

Quick turn around – two minutes later, Nieman makes it 28-7 Panthers with a bomb of a pass from Hambleton. Nemo’s got sticky hands.







Gus Schlomer ’21

No dogs allowed – Students all around Walnut Hills’ spacious football field were sitting outside the fence trying to get a glimpse of their friends play their first home game of the season. These folks were outside the fence behind the far end zone. End of the third quarter.

Fourth Quarter

Nieman (18) makes another big grab to set up another Panther touchdown (Gus Schlomer ’21)

Too fast for the camera – Nieman makes another big catch for the Panthers to bring them into scoring range. Nieman was too fast for me or I was just too slow, out of focus image.






Ben Hambleton (6) is sacked for a loss of seven. Panthers still in scoring position (Gus Schlomer ’21)

Sacked! – Ben Hambleton is sacked just in front of the end zone. A score would bring the Panthers to a bigger lead of 35-7.







The face of disappointment. Walnut Hills #7 loses 7-yards on a bubble screen carry (Gus Schlomer ’21)

Turnover – Walnut Hills turns the ball over on 4th down after running a bubble screen on their own 8-yard line. This picture describes every Walnut Hills player and fan. Rough night for the Eagles.






Drew Ramsey (12) runs in his second touchdown of the night to bring the Panthers up 35-7 (Gus Schlomer ’21)

Touchdown Panthers – For the final time in the game, Drew Ramsey takes in his second of the game. A 5 yard QB keeper gives the Panthers an even more extensive lead. PAT from Mueller is good. 35-7 Panthers.






Coach Ramsey glances at the scoreboard with 5:32 left in the game (Gus Schlomer ’21)

Final – Panthers Win! Elder stomps on Walnut Hills 35-7 in a very promising win. Onward and upward. Indianapolis Cathedral next week and then the playoffs after.

Post Game

Coach Doug Ramsey talks with his team after their 35-7 win over the Walnut Hills Eagles (Gus Schlomer ’21)

Upset – Coach Ramsey gives his squad a stern talking to after a disappointing performance in his eyes. With an opponent like Walnut Hills, even with the talent they have, the Panthers should have clobbered them and dropped a 50 burger in coach’s eyes.