Portnoy saves small business with Barstool Fund

Barstool Sports President Dave Portnoy creates “Barstool Fund” to help heavily impacted small business.


Barstool Sports President Dave Portnoy announcing the Barstool Fund

Due to the pandemic, many large and small business  have lost countless amounts of money. Some smaller business have even had to shut their doors for good.

Dave Portnoy, President of Barstool Sports has come to the rescue with the help of the Stoolies (Barstool fans) to help raise money to keep a few small businesses open during these trying times.

The Barstool Fund started out as a way for Portnoy to raise some quick cash for some local businesses in NYC and the New England area by personally donating $500,000. “It is modeled after Borrelli’s, you know Frankie (Pizza Review camera man). His dad owns Borrelli’s in Long Island and it is the perfect type of business we are trying to help with this fund.”

After a few days, the Barstool Fund caught fire over social media and many businesses reached out wanting funding. Today (1.6.21), the Barstool fund has helped fund over 81 businesses and Barstool is closing in on raising over $20 Million dollars.

The Barstool Fund (@BarstoolFund) | Twitter
Barstool Fund Logo via @BarstoolSports – December 28th, 2020 Announcement of Barstool Fund

Recently, the state of New York shut down indoor dining for the second time during the pandemic and many restaurants like Borrelli’s were put in a situation to either collapse and follow the rules set by Gov. Cuomo or defy them and stay in business.

“I’ll tell you what, this restaurant is 30 years old and they have no indoor dining…Not only that but Mr. Borrelli, is still paying his employees and has never shut off his payroll stating that he is ‘going down with the ship.'”

Now, this is not just a one and done hand out, cut the check and go type deal. Portnoy stated in his Instagram video that they will cut you a check for January and if it’s still no better by February, they will cut you a check so on and so forth. “… we will cut you checks until you no longer need them until the pandemic is over.”

Guy Fieri announces that he and the city of Flavortown will back the Barstool Fund. Image via @GuyFieri

As social media does what social media does, many big names have picked up this story including Guy Fieri, Tom Brady, and  Kid Rock just to name a few. Kid Rock stated in a tweet “THIS IS THE AMERICA I LOVE. Put me down for 100k.” along with Tom Brady, “This is awesome Dave. Count me in.”

With these massive donations from these famous men, there are still other average Joe’s like you and I that are able to donate. There are over 150,000 stoolies that have donated to the fund. I have donated to the fund and you should, too.

In the past few days, Portnoy has been posing his FaceTime calls with the businesses that have been selected to receive financial aid from Barstool and the reactions are priceless. [Link to watch a few here.]

If there is anyone you know that owns a small business and is in need of financial assistance, Click the link below to apply to receive funds from the Barstool Fund. The only requirement that they have is that the owner must still have payroll open and currently be paying their employees.