Should Notre Dame be banned from the College Football Playoffs?

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I myself am a Notre Dame fan and recently they have been receiving a lot of hate for their performances in big games. I am here to provide you with my opinion as a fan. But I will be real, so I am sorry to any die hard Fighting Irish fans out there.

First off, we must look at Notre Dame as a program. The Irish are a historic program for many reasons.

Some include legendary coach Newt Rockne and even the story of Rudy that is known because of the movie. These are just two small examples of why this school is so well known. Notre Dame is considered to be almost an Ivy League level school when it comes to academics and they are extremely good at athletics, too.

This notion that Notre Dame is overrated to me is just B.S. Yes, they have lost a lot of significant games, but these came against a lot of very good teams. Most programs would lose to these powerhouse teams, too.

For example, starting off with their first well known loss in 2013 against Alabama in the BCS. Notre Dame was facing an Alabama team that should have never lost. Their roster included of A.J. McCarron, Eddie Lacy, T.J. Yeldon, Landon Collins, Amari Cooper, and many more NFL stars. Their defense was the top defense in the nation and then their offense was outstanding, too. This is probably the one they get some slack with because of how stacked Alabama was at the time.

Notre Dame then went on to choke against Ohio State and Clemson in recent years. The most notable one being when they lost 30-3 against Clemson. As a Notre Dame fan, I was disgusted with how they played in that game. There was no grit and will to win like they usually have. It was probably the longest game I have ever watched because of how painful it was. Directly after that game was when the slander that Notre Dame should not be allowed in the playoffs began.

Then came 2020 and Covid hit which caused Notre Dame to join the ACC. Notre Dame beat Clemson in the regular season due to Trevor Lawrence being out of the game because of the pandemic. I think every Notre Dame fan knew what was coming in that ACC championship and so did everyone else in the nation.

We had barely beaten them without him and  several other key players. Clemson smashed them and somehow Notre Dame still got into the playoffs. I think it was because the committee did not want to see Texas A&M play Alabama again so they thought they would get more viewers with a matchup that had yet to be shown.

Everyone knows the outcome. Alabama beats the Irish and then beats Ohio State who technically lost by more points than Notre Dame. So I guess you can say Notre Dame is better than Ohio State.

Finally, as a Notre Dame fan I do not think they should be allowed into the CFP until there is a change within the program. Whether it be firing Brian Kelly or just changing the mentality in the locker room.

Kelly has not won any big games throughout his career. Notre Dame is a cherished program which is known for being good. We can run the entire race but not cross the finish line. That is why I think they should not be allowed into the CFP as of now.

Hopefully this has changed your mind a little bit on how you view Notre Dame because for some reason most people hate them and I will never understand that.

What’s your opinion on the matter?