Where will Wilson land?

Will the mvp caliber QB leave or stay in Seattle?


Russel Wilson’s four choices if these did not end up working out in Seattle

Free agency starts next week in the N.F.L. and it will be nothing short of surprising. With free agency comes a lot of rumors and I think one that started before free agency is still not getting enough attention.

This would be none other than the Russel Wilson trade rumors. Like Deshawn Watson, Wilson is upset with his organization for ignoring his suggestions to help better the team. It was then released later that if Wilson were to end up being traded that these teams would be his ideal landing spots: Saints, Bears, Cowboys, and Raiders. Dak Prescott just signed a new contract with the Cowboys which most likely eliminates them from the options.

Russel Wilson photoshopped in a Saints uniform. Looks pretty good I would say so myself. Image via Saintsreport.com

The Saints are also in a cap hell which pretty much puts them out of the picture unless the Seahawks somehow are willing to trade for Michael Thomas (who is the main reason for their cap being so bad). I am biased since I am a Saints fan, but I know it would be any other Saints fan dream to go from Drew Brees to Russel Wilson. But I think by today we still are over the cap by around 40 million.

Trent Brown finesses the Raiders and makes his way back to the Patriots. Image via The Mercury News (GETTY)

And well the Raiders are the Raiders. They just traded their tackle, Trent Brown, to the Patriots. This sums up how poorly they have been in years past so how are they going to get Wilson? The Raiders have also expressed how much they believe in Derek Carr.

That leaves the Chicago Bears – – who make perfect sense. The Bears have had their fair share of quarterback trouble of late. You could even say that their last good QB was prime Jay Cutler. That’s how bad they have had it. Chicago has been rumored to offer everything they can do get at least Wilson or Watson. Both organizations have said that they will not trade their star quarterbacks but that could just be leverage to get a better offer.

NBC sports says in their article on this matter: “Let’s start with Wilson’s reported priorities: a championship caliber team, freedom to throw the ball early and often, and a city where he and his wife Ciara can each grow their brands. In the Athletic’s report which initially set off all of Thursday’s madness, they said Wilson wanted more defensive superstars.” All these seem reasonable for a great quarterback who does not want to waste the prime of his career away barely winning a playoff game.

Although all of these are just rumors as of now, things can change very quickly as we have seen with Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans. Yes, Wilson already has one ring under his belt but with a team that really values his skill, he could have five. Russel Wilson is an elite quarterback and should be with a team that lets him control the offense just how Tom Brady has with the Bucs.