Elder Fest coming soon!


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Elder High School brings in new additions to their family tradition every year

Elder Fest is right around the corner. With students and faculty hosting multiple games and tournaments; it’s undoubtedly going to be a fun day albeit a little shorter than previous years. This is a day lots of people skip, because they don’t think it’s worth the trouble of going. But Elder Fest is worth the trouble because of the various games, tournaments, and miscellaneous things you can do for fun. 

Elder Fest has always been home to various games. Most notably Euchre, and I’m sure ping pong tables will be set up for the largest club at Elder. Of course you can submit your own ideas for games. Chess has recently become one of the most popular games at Elder, even though most people are pretty bad a chess tournament would be very fun, along with many other games like super Smash Bros. You can of course bring any game and do pretty much whatever you want with your friends, like any card game or computer game you want, and possibly make it into a tournament. 

When Elder Fest comes near everyone is getting ready for the big tournaments. There will most likely be a ping pong tournament, a Euchre tournament, and a Super Smash Bros. tournament (which I will of course win). Everyone is sharpening their skills so they can be the famous Elder Fest champion. But if big tournaments aren’t your speed you can do anything during Elder Fest. You can start whatever tournament you like, it can literally be anything. Who can get the best Retro Bowl season, 5D Chess with multiverse time travel, or Tetris. It can literally be anything. But of course you can start your own tournament for essentially whatever you want. There can’t be too many events so don’t be shy to start your own tournament.

Of course you don’t need to participate in any of the school run events you’re able to do whatever with your friends the whole time. You can bring your computer to play games, or a deck of cards, you can literally do anything you want. 

But no one cares about cards or ping pong friendlies. The real meat of the event comes from the tournaments. Ping Pong club beef will be settled at the table on April 30th. It’s incredibly likely that the notorious pong ping peaceful protest part will likely be showing up to take over the ping pong club. A full blown coup d’état could take place. Possibly the pong ping peaceful protest party will bring a resurgence to the slowly dying club. It cannot be missed. Super Smash Bros. will be where friends become enemies, classic rivalries will be fought out and very likely money matches will be played to decide who is the best. 

That’s what Elder Fest is all about so if you want to see it for yourself you have got to be there on April 30th.