Biden administration do away with horses

After border control gets caught using supposed “whips”.

The Biden administration has changed a lot already during this first year in office. One change came a couple weeks ago. They are now prohibiting Border Patrol agents from using horses now in Del Rio, Texas on the US/Mexico border due to a few images that falsely portrayed them using whips on people down by the border.

The agents facing these attacks by Democrats have been moved to desk jobs amid the investigation. It is an interesting move considering the agents did in fact not use whips but are still getting their horses taken away and getting demoted. The policy change comes as the Biden administration faces backlash for its handling of  more than 10,000 Haitian migrants who have tried to cross the Rio Grande to enter the US from Mexico since mid-September via CNBC.

One representative went as far as to say, “What we witnessed takes us back hundreds of years,” Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif. “What we witnessed was worse than what we witnessed in slavery…cowboys with their reins, again, whipping black people.” via FoxNews.

It seems very exaggerated to compare a clearly fake act like this to such a terrible time period that our country still can not put behind us. Many other Democrats have compared it to slavery as well trying to make the situation racial. While many other Democrat Representatives have realized that the whip comments will not hold up have said that it does not matter and that their actions were cruel anyways. Even Vice President Kamala Harris told reporters that she was “deeply troubled” by the images. President Biden did not comment on the incident after it happened. The Biden administration even went so far as to meet with Civil Rights Leaders. I do not understand why since this incident has nothing to do with rights or racial prejudice.

Many agents on the other hand are upset with the decision. “It will make patrolling extremely difficult along with security. “This is insane. The agents did nothing wrong,” one agent told Fox. Although I am no agent of Border Patrol, I would assume if a method of transportation such as horses were removed it would make my job more difficult making me upset.

The images that were released shows the agents not using whips

The “whips” used in this photo are actually split reins used for controlling the horse

but split reins. The twirling motion used by the agents with the reins are said to be a technique that is used in Western-style rein management and taught to crowd control personnel as a method of keeping pedestrians from approaching the horse via PetaPixel. This therefore debunks the assumption of the agent attempting to whip the Haitians.

After reading up on this incident extensively I believe the agents have done no wrong and should be put back on duty with their horses. I believe these moves are just the Biden-Harris administration attempting to win over the people or at least the people who just believe what they hear. So far I would say they have done a pretty good job of that, too.