Party in the Pit Rundown


Party in the Pit is back!  After not having this all-school dance for over two years, we are excited to have this September dance back once again.  Did I say September?  That month is long gone.  Does that mean its cancelled yet again?  Nope, it was briefly delayed until late October.  October 30th to be exact, the day before Halloween.  With that, the leaders on the dance and student council committee have deemed it a Halloween themed dance.  So, bring your best costume to impress your fellow classmates and friends, as long as it is school appropriate.  As Mr. Flaherty says over the PA, “Now is the time to get your date.”

This dance will cost 20 dollars per couple and 10 dollars stag.  Tickets can be bought during all lunch bells the week of the 25th.  Since the dance has been postponed to late October, it could be a rather chilly night.  Even though it is a costume dance, plan to dress warm with multiple layers.  There will be a D.J. playing music through the course of the night.  Drinks and snacks will be available.  For those who aren’t the dancing type, games such as cornhole will be on the field to play.  There will also be a LaRosa’s truck there and open for anyone who gets the munchies during the dance.  As it is a all-school dance, we hope to see a good crowd with cool costumes and smiling faces!