Chris Schroer makes college decision

Running back Chris Schroer will takes his talents to Columbia next year


Schroer as he carries three defenders across the goal line

The highly anticipated college decision from Elder running back Chris Schroer has finally been made. He will be taking his talents to Columbia University in New York City.

Schroer, who paved the way to many Elder wins especially in the early part of the season, had interest from many high-end academic and Ivy League schools all year.

“Towards the end of my decision, it was Columbia, Cornell and Princeton. In the end, I just liked the people better there,” Schroer said.

Schroer, the 6’-0”, 215-pound moving truck took over the running back position junior year as he rushed 1,491 yards and 25 touchdowns. This past season, he had 998 yards and 13 touchdowns. His numbers were down this year due to his injured ankle which made hobbled him for a couple games and also limited his attempts in the latter half of the season.

His game can be described as bruising. He picks a hole and powers through knocking defenders out of his way and never stops moving his legs and often times he carries tacklers a few more yards until he is finally forced to the ground.

Columbia, obviously an extremely prestigious school, is a perfect fit for him. He scored a 35 on his ACT and takes four AP courses.

Schroer is not just involved in bopping Bombers, stepping all over doormats, and popping Creatine filled biceps but also involved in other activities throughout the school. He is currently in the National Honor Society, a four year member of the Honors Program, and is current student council President.

Columbia could really use a hardnosed runner like Schroer, considering they had less than impressive last season finishing 0-10. Schroer himself rushed for more yards than the Lions collectively, as they only came up with 855 yards. The Lions were outscored 73-402 by their opponents.

Now, I am not tearing apart Columbia as a football team. They’re not the best, it’s understandable. I mean, how many overly intelligent students also turn out to be better than average football players? When asked about the program, Schroer just waved it off like he wasn’t concerned about it. It is one of the most prestigious schools in the nation; it’s in the Ivy League. Coming out with a degree from any school in that league can set up big things for anyone.

Schroer could be the key to turning around the Lions the next four years. Either way, he will be successful in the classroom as well as field as he destroys defenses with a combined GPA of 44.0.