Sabato makes his mark



Elder Junior Joey Sabato (shown here in action from 2013) was named GCL-South Player of the Year in soccer.

Finally, after six years of not having an Elder player selected as the player of the year in the GCL, it has happened again. This time the player a junior here at Elder. And most of us at Elder know him, the player is Joey Sabato.

Joey made his name known around Elder his freshman year. Being an outstanding freshman on the varsity Elder Soccer team with ten goals and seven assists that year while only playing in eight games! He also was noteworthy making the second-team GCL! Sabato was the first freshman in at least the last ten years to be on the second-team.

And from freshman year he only got better. He became a member of the first-team GCL as a sophomore which happens, but not often.

He scored eleven goals that season along with seven assists. He did that while playing in all seventeen games.

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I have hopes to break a few records at Elder, win a state title, and then go on to play for a D-1 college team.”

— Joey Sabato

I spoke with one of the members of the Elder soccer team, junior Adam Deuber about Joey.

“Joey played great this year. I think 15 goals, 3 assists, and GCL-S player of the year speaks for itself on his production,” said Deuber. “Also, I know he and all the other players are eager to get the chance to win a state title next year with many players returning. We all know he has the talent to play D-1 so I hope he continues to succeed at the next level.”

The last GCL soccer Player of the Year  from Elder High School was Steve Schaefer in 2008. Joey is on his way to set records in the GCL and many more here at Elder if he keeps up the effort.

He also happened to break the record for most goals in one game this year. He scored five goals in the game September 18 against McNicholas.

Junior goalie Jake Helphinstine also commented about Sabato. “I think Joey had a pretty good year, being a player on the field watching him play is very enjoyable. His attitude on the field is great,” Jake told me. “Joey off the field is annoying but a pretty decent kid I guess. He thinks he is sweet but in reality he isn’t. I hope to see him go off to college and do big things for whoever he plays for.”

Both Deuber and Helphinstine mentioned that they hope to see Joey break countless records here at Elder and they both think that he will because he is on track to do great things. I expect big things out of him. I have seen him play a few times and he shocked me with how hard he plays and his love for the game.

Lastly I talked to the man himself.

“I think that I have played well since I have been at Elder. We will have a great chance at state next year because we will have a lot of seniors and a lot of experience,” said Sabato. “I have hopes to break a few records at Elder, win a state title, and then go on to play for a D-1 college team.”