Elder’s 6th man is key

Elder’s 6th man is not just a saying, it is a fact. The atmosphere set by the fans is just as much as part of the game as any player.

With just over half of the 2015 basketball season complete, the 6th man has already proven itself to be a key factor in the games.

At the beginning of the season, the cheering section consisted of 50 or so students just sitting down watching a basketball game. But, that all changed during the Oak Hills game.

The Oak Hills game, to the cheering section was the first one that mattered. The student body started to crack them early to get ready for the game.

Every year Oak Hills talks more trash before, during, and after the game. This year, I’d say the cheering section did a solid job in putting them in their place. Though, we may have crossed a line or two.

“Basketball cheering sections are just rowdy,” said senior Jason Bleh. “With the cheering sections so close, it’s just a battle to see who can be the loudest.”

The Moeller game was a prime example of how the student body can have a huge effect on the game.

The game was a physical battle on both sides of the court, which ultimately ended in an over time.

“The place was loud” said senior captain Brad Miller. “With just a great atmosphere, it gave us the motivation to come out with the win.”

Miller also talked about how terrifying it must have been for Moeller to walk out on the court. It’s not every game you have 200 kids screaming at you to mess up.

The only down side of the cheering section, is we have so many kids trying to get into it, there is never enough room. With so many kids trying to cram in to such a small space, its raises the temperature up something awful.

Cole Tepe, is not a fan of the heat “It is so hot in that gym, I start sweating just walking to the section, and once I get inside, yikes.” With everyone literally surrounding each other, there is almost no room for fresh air.

Despite the heat, the students will still cheer on their team no matter what.

With five GCL games left, the 6th man is needed more than ever. Keep being loud, keep cheering hard, and keep instilling the fear that comes with playing in the Pit.