Buckeyes back on top of the food chain

Buckeyes back on top of the food chain

The Ohio State University Buckeyes won their eighth National Championship on January 12th, 2015. They defeated the Oregon Ducks by a score of 42-20. They did all of this with mainly sophomore starters, including their quarterback, running back, wide receiver, and defensive linemen.

This year The Ohio State University’s football team was the first team to be unanimously voted number one in the college football preseason. There is a lot of hype surrounding this team. When I asked the Ohio State Athletic Director Eugene Smith about the hype and if it has changed them in any way and he said, “No, they are well grounded in reality.”

This says a lot about the team’s and coaching staff’s attitudes toward this season. It shows they are not getting cocky and still playing every game like they are not the best team in college football.

I also asked Elder High School math teacher Mr. Oberjohann whether he thought the team was over hyped or not.

“As I said, they are very talented and well coached on top of being the defending National Champs.  I believe they are getting the attention they deserve and then some.  Fret not Bucks fans, their head coach should have them ready and I am sure he will have told his team to not believe the hype,” said Oberjohann.  “He will warn them that every time they have won a National Championship in their school’s history and played in Ann Arbor the following year they have left with an L.”

I asked both Mr. Oberjohann and Eugene Smith, what their expectations or predictions were for the football team this year. I got similar answer from the both of them but, surprisingly the Michigan fan sounded more upbeat in saying they are a very good team while Mr. Smith said that they are going to take it game by game.

I believe the answers show a lot of character by both men. The respect for the team given by a fan of Michigan and the modesty of a man in control of the best team in college football. This is the same character that is shown by the football team.

Smith said he was most excited about the culture and chemistry of the team.

“The coaches and players genuinely care for one another,” said Smith.

I was most excited this year about the quarterback battle and the chance at a repeat of last season. I still think we have the talent and coaching staff to win another National Championship. The only thing that worries me is the way they have played so far this season. I think we played well at Virginia Tech. The Hokies are a good team and have great fan support at home.

I am slightly worried about the way the first half went against the Rainbow Warriors and the whole game against The Huskies. They did not have a big lead in either of those two games. They turned it around in the second half of the Hawaii game. Those were both home games for the Buckeyes and Cardale Jones, the starting quarter back for Ohio State, was pulled out relatively early in the game.

Even with the way the team is playing they are ultimately still 3-0 and are ranked number 1 in college football. I still think we can repeat. I know Urban Meyer will find the team’s stride again and lead them to the playoffs.

I believe whoever ultimately becomes the starting quarter back will be in the running for the Heisman along with Ezekiel Elliot. Now the only thing left for the fans and other college football enthusiasts to do is wait. We will have to wait to see if the team will go 12-0, wait to see who will win The Heisman, and wait to see if on Monday, January 11th, 2016, The Ohio State University Buckeyes will lift the trophy one more time.