A letter to the underclassmen


Dear Underclassmen,

Respect your time at our great Elder High. I know it is cliché, and quite early for me to say this, but one of my favorite things about Elder has come to an end. Football games in the Pit; the best place to watch a high school sporting event. People say this, and they do not even experience the real Pit. The best part about it is what students experience. We all take it for granted, and the time truly rushes by.

Friday nights in the pit is something that only students at Elder High School can experience. Sure, people can go see the game or the visiting opponents and their fans get to see it, but the experience is more than watching a high school football game. It’s getting rowdy with the boys before the game in various ways, and packing way too many kids into a car. Blaring some Drake and R. Kelley on the way to the Pit is classic. All the students running as fast as they possibly can and flooding the stadium with purple. The Panthers coming out in all the glory, being welcomed by Mr. Louis’s soothing voice. That first Nani Nani, the hype after another touchdown grab by Nick Hall, getting a little friendly with the opposing team at halftime, the alma mater at the end of a Panther win. Those are the things that make the Pit, the Pit.

I asked senior defensive back Mackenzie Burke about his final season and playing with cheering section behind his back. To the underclassmen, he said “I would like to thank all of you for coming out and cheering for us. I can’t wait to enjoy the cheering section for myself, and root on the basketball team this season. Hope to see all of you out there.”


pipe it up

So Panthers, respect your time. I know seniors were a little sad after it all ended. If you have never been to a game, be open-minded, I challenge you to go to one. There are plenty of times to do other things. Have a time, and go to the games.