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If there’s one word to describe this year’s victory dance it would be legendary. So many people attended it and had a great time dancing, not just awkwardly standing around! The DJ was fire and the dancefloor was packed. I honestly struggled at lunch to even get a ticket. When asked the main reason why no one wanted to attend the dance because “I guess everyone just hates having fun,” said Senior Matt Wellbrock.

We could tell the night was going to be killer when we rolled up to The Woodlands at 8:30 and there were seven cars in the parking lot.

Going in I was hoping it would be like last year’s dance. Everyone on the Westside attended and had a great time before and after. This year was a little different. After a killer dinner and a 10 dollar cream puff I had to pay for, my group decided to hit the dance. I was accompanied by a couple great guys such as, Jared Marsh and Mike Groh, as well as our dates.

Things started off slow. There was no one, and I mean absolutely no one on the dance floor. So naturally Jared and myself decided to get things rolling by requesting “Get Low” by Lil Jon. Once “to the window, to the wall” was blaring through the speakers people started flocking towards us and the dance floor.

“I personally like the classic dance moves like disco, the worm, etc… most of the time though I just free-style it. “”

— AJ Richmond

From then on the night was surprisingly great. I had a lot of fun getting down on the floor with my boys, especially my dude Richmond. You’ve never seen talent until you see Riche hit dance floor. The kid has a special way of moving that just makes you say “Wow.” When asked about his moves Richmond said, “I personally like the classic dance moves like disco, the worm, etc… most of the time though I just free-style it.”

Richmond also commented on the dance as a whole saying he had fun.  “Being able to make others laugh was enjoyable.  I was however shocked that only a small population of juniors and seniors went,” said Richmond.  “I always thought Victory dance was fairly popular and going to the dance and seeing how many people showed up proved me wrong.  I think if more people would’ve attended everyone’s experience would’ve improved.”

The night ended up being killer and I’m glad I’ll be able to look back and say I didn’t miss my senior Victory Dance. My good friend Jared Marsh wrote a great piece on what the dance meant to him.

“Twas a night of dancing, laughter, but most importantly memories. But it didn’t start out that way.  I have to admit when I first showed up to the Woodlands I was a little nervous.  There were maybe 10 cars in the parking lot.  I thought to myself, am I even at the right place?  But where else would an Elder dance be? No other place than yours truly the Woodlands.

As my squad rolls up, Big Mike Groh and Scout team All-American Joe Weiner, we knew we were going to have to take over.  This was easy though considering my boy DJ dime piece Graham Swink was spitting some hot beats.  Then I have my other boy AJ richdaddy killing it on the dance floor.  If you have seen him dance in the locker room wait till you seen this kid get some space on the dance floor.  His moves were hard to match, but I think I rose to the occasion.

Special shoutouts to Liam Conway and Paxton Kelley for representing the physics club.  As Lil T. Schroer would say, we physiced the sh*t out of that dance.  My partners in crime my date Brigid Casey, my boy Joe Weiner, his date Becky Stemler, Mike Groh, and his date whose name is unknown.  Good people, good music, good environment, what more does one need?

The success of the Victory dance should not be measured by the attendance, but by AJ Richmond’s dance moves.  I think I speak for most with a grading of A+.”

Agreed, Jared.