Will the destruction ever cease?


Bashar- Al Assad leaving President Obama with unanswered questions

For those of you who don’t know what has been happening in Syria, I’ll give you a little insight on what has been happening for the past month.

A man named Bashar Al-Assad has been terrorizing the people of Syria. He has killed more than 100,000 citizens within Syria and most of them are defenseless children and families.

Now if you ask me that should be something that people raise an eye too. The government is trying to do everything and anything they can to stop this destruction, but nothing seems to be working. Throughout the past couple of weeks, there has been a lot of controversy about what has been occurring over in Syria.

A majority of people believe that we should take action and bomb them, but people such as the Pope believe that we should act with our words. The Pope’s thinking is that we should be asking Syria to cease this destruction, not force them to.

This topic does not go unheard of throughout the halls of Elder, so I thought I’d ask around to get some opinions.

Senior Andrew Holiday gave me his insight on the issue.

“What Syria is doing is awful no doubt about it.” He thinks that we should bomb Syria before the issues over there get any worse than they already are. “Assad has taken many lives someone needs to take him out,” said Holiday.

There have been some skeptics about how our allies would react if we were to attack. We need allies with us if we make any rash decisions. As for our people over in Washington, President Obama has been trying for two weeks to get something passed to bomb Syria.

The people in the White House have their fingers crossed.

This controversy not only affects the U.S. but it’s also affecting their allies. If Syria doesn’t stop this destruction, Russia will use someone from the inside (someone from Syria) to take out Assad. If someone from the inside were to take Assad out, then they could find someone to replace Assad with another sensible leader who could still keep the business going, but also keep peace within Syria and their allies.

It won’t affect the alliance – it’s just going to stop the attacks on people. The U.S. government doesn’t want to sit around and do nothing, but they don’t have the necessary support right now to take any actions. Prayers have been sent to Syria and hopefully this destruction can end, sooner rather than later.