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The Elder Library. A commonplace for students during study hall

The Study Hall Hall of Fame

March 18, 2020

One of the parts of the school day that a student looks forward to is study hall, if they have one. It...

Not quite staff members, but students that would've made good ones

(Almost) Staff Writers

March 17, 2020

The Purple Quill staff members take a sense of pride in the fact that they produce content on a monthly...

Hope Squad making immediate impact

Hope Squad making immediate impact

February 18, 2020

Earlier this year, Elder students were introduced to Hope Squad. Hope Squad is a designated group...

Seton's Stench

Seton’s Stench

February 5, 2020

Making the hike from Elder to Seton is a short one, but it requires you to walk across the bridge at...

2nd semester staff preview

2nd semester staff preview

January 27, 2020

With the first week of the second semester under our belt, the staff  looks significantly different...

The Elder Pancake Breakfast is a long-standing tradition at our school.

Flapjacks return

November 12, 2019

It may only just be me, but I look forward to Wednesdays in the fall and winter for one reason; Elder’s...

Staff at Santa Anita covering Mongolian Groom after a serious fracture on his left hind leg

Yet another horse put down at Santa Anita

November 8, 2019

Every year, over $100 billion is bet on horse racing. That means that the horses racing need to b...

Ethan Plagge and Joe Book of Elder's underrated Academic Team.

Underrated Elder: The Academic Team

November 8, 2019

There is a team at Elder that answers questions and gets gym credit for it. Of course, I am talking about Elder’s most underrated team: The Aca...

Ruins of the train that exploded in Pakistan leaving at least 70 dead and 30 injured

Horrific train explosion kills 70 and leaves many injured

November 6, 2019

In a fire that took over a train in Pakistan, at least 70 people were killed and 30 more injured. The t...

(image via

Royer selected to Polynesian Bowl

November 3, 2019

Elder TE, Joe Royer is not only a great player on the field, but a great friend off the field. While...

Members of the group at the Freestore Foodbank 25th Annual Rubber Duck Regatta

Why Not? Service Group serves as an example for all

October 31, 2019

Serving the community is one of the highest principles and standards of Elder High School, and all of...

Common things to do in the fall season

Lukas Marlman '21, Staff Writer

October 7, 2019

Fall seems to be most people’s favorite season, I guess its because we can finally bring out the hoodies and the sweat pants. But what activities can you do in the fall? Because it seems like the summer activities we do, aren’t able to be done during the fall. Also, in the fall, summer sports are just finishing up li...

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