Nike Color Rush top five

All 32 NFL Nike color rush uniforms

Football is just getting started here in the states and you know what that means, heated match ups between the 32 teams of the NFL. Of course my favorite team is the Bengals for many obvious reasons. (WHO DEY!) Although there are many people who have no reason at all for being a fan of a specific team and it makes me wonder why?

I have come to the conclusion that team colors are the reason some people choose a certain team of preference instead of living in that city or maybe even go as far to like someone on the team. But that’s not what it’s about to these people who enjoy looking at colors as to watching football.

I asked a good friend of mine and fellow classmate of mine Doug Sullivan what he thinks about people like this or if he really thinks that he only likes a team because of color. “I don’t think anyone in Cincy is like that for the Bengals but that’s because it is our home team, but I could see that from people for other teams”

I was skeptical of these favorite team picking preferences until Nike had released their new Color Rush uniforms. These uniforms are made specifically for Thursday night football.

Nike plan is to “light up Thursday Night Football” and they did just that. These uniforms are absolute fire I don’t care what you say. Well most of them. While scrolling through the different teams of course the first one I looked at was the Bengals and then I scrolled through and picked some of my favorites. Click on the slideshow images above for my top five favorite uniforms and why.