Is it time to quit?

From Heisman winner to NFL quarterback to college football analyst, now Tim Tebow is beginning his professional baseball career with in the Mets organization at the age of 29.

Tebow hasn’t played in an organized baseball game in 11 years. But that didn’t stop 30 MLB scouts from coming to his tryout where he gained the attention of the Atlanta Braves and the New York Mets. The New York Mets signed him, giving him a 100,000 dollar signing bonus. The Mets sent him to Port Saint Lucy, Florida to play with kids that are a decade younger than him in an instructional league. Not only does Tebow have to continue “putting in work” and somehow make up for the 11 years he went without playing baseball, but he also has to stay fully committed to his job as a college football analyst.

There are many people questioning his decision to play baseball. Those include Dallas Braden, former MLB player, and CJ Nitkowski who is also a former Matylerjor league pitcher. Their criticism revolves around the fact that Tebow will be missing multiple games a week fulfilling his commitment to the SEC network. The Mets have been accused of signing him for jersey sales and publicity, but the Mets cannot make any money on jersey sales unless he is part of their 40-man roster. The Mets also insist that it was not for publicity, and that they are “intrigued” by his potential.

Is it worth starting your baseball career at the age of 29, especially when you are already an analyst for SEC network. All the students I asked stuck with the common theme that it was too late to start a baseball career. If he had been playing some kind of baseball for the last 11 years and just got the chance to play professional baseball, it would be a whole different story, but he hasn’t. He has been chasing a chance to get back in the league for the last three years. If I was a betting man, the two things I’d bet on is that he will stay committed to Chasity and will never play a game in the major leagues.