Pep rallies encourage brotherhood


Mr. Rogers

Senior Zach Goodwin has a penchant for imitating his teachers, especially mr. Dabbelt.

During the school year at Elder the students put on multiple pep rallies. These pep rallies are made to bring the students together. Every student, freshman through senior attend these pep rallies. During the pep rallies the students are not just getting fired up for the upcoming games. They create a band of brotherhood that makes them closer and what makes Elder a great place to grow. No matter where you come from, or what background you have, or the sports you play, you come to the pep rallies and you cheer your heart out and join a group of brothers.

I asked Savion Truitt what he thought of the pep rallies and he said, “It’s a great way to get the student body together and to support each other.”

At the beginning of the pep rally, students come from class to the pit or to the wrestling gym to celebrate. When the students are walking to the pep rally the band is playing and the pep rally committee is all setup and ready for the students to arrive. Once the pep rally starts, the MC gets everyone up to date, on the sports at Elder, and makes sure everything is running smoothly.  Brandon Bell is this year’s master of the crowd who gets everyone up to date about sports on Elder and makes sure everything is running.

Once Brandon is done he gives it up to the cheerleaders and pep rally committee to get the students pumped to have a good time.  Cheerleaders do their usual cheers, such as; Elder cheer, shoulder to shoulder, and a few other cheers. Cheerleaders also run a skit that is provided and drawn up by members of the pep rally committee. These skits are usually twenty to thirty minutes long and give the crowd a laugh.

I asked Timothy Wahoff if he thought the skits were funny and he said, “I think they are hilarious and I’m glad Mathew Maloney kept his clothes on.” At the end of the skit the students sing the alma mater and the fight song.

I asked Matthew Kenkel to see how he felt about the pep rallies and he said, “It’s one of my favorite things about Elder because the more involved you are, the more you feel you are a part of Elder.”

Most students at Elder enjoy the pep rallies and want them to occur more often throughout the year.