iPhones inspire “bendgate”


With everyone rushing towards the cellular stores for the brand new iPhone 6 it’s got to be worth all the hype right? Well now that is backfiring quickly with multiple problems with the six plus. The main thing is that it is bending in people’s pockets and if you don’t know, the phone isn’t supposed to bend.

Because it is so big, when people sit down it is causing the phone to bend in the middle. The problem with that is that is isn’t bending back. While Apple employees are trying to address and fix the problem they are having trouble. It all started off with the new software on the iPhones.

Apple knew that it was going to be a booming sale with the new iPhone’s coming out. But they didn’t know that it was going to be such a hassle for some people. While there are major pros about this phone, there also is many cons. Such as how big it is and how it is bending. Those are the biggest things.

The commercial for the new iPhone actually says ‘bigger than bigger’ in it. But that is the reason for the bending. Since the phone is so large, they are bending when customers are putting them in their pockets. Because of this issue, some Jean companies are actually enlarging the pockets on the men and woman Jeans. They are also having to change things to support some of the iPhone enhancements.

My friend, a junior here at Elder named Brad Feldhaus has the new iPhone so I decided to catch up with him after one of my classes. “I love the new phone. I had the 5s but now I have the 6 and there is so many things that are better about it,” Feldhaus said. “I don’t know much about the 6 plus but my uncle has it and his actually has bent a little bit but not to the extent of the ones online.”

Interesting enough, with everyone talking about the phone bending, Apple has only had nine total complaints about the “bendgate”. The reason it is so popular is because people are posting videos on YouTube of them actually bending their own iPhones to show how easily that the device can be bent. Not many people have just accidentally bent their iPhones while it was in their pockets but it could become an issue very quickly.

At a family party over the weekend I saw that my uncle had purchased a new iPhone 6 plus. We began talking about the “bendgate” issue and he proceeded to show me that his iPhone indeed was bent from it being so big and his pocket being so small! I was actually a little astonished at the fact that he was one of the nine complaints that Apple has received.

He began telling me “I sat down in my office with my suit on and the pockets aren’t too big but they also aren’t too small. I wasn’t messing with it until I had my lunch break and when I pulled it out I noticed a little bending in it,” he said. “I examined it a little closer and it actually was bent right at the volume buttons and I was pretty pissed because I got it the day it came out and it was only one day old and it had already been broken!”

I think I would have to agree with him about being angry at the new phone. He is planning on getting a new one because of the issue. And since it has become a nation-wide problem he might receive this new phone soon. He said he is getting the 6 and not the 6 plus though this time. Because no issues have been reported about the 6 bending. And it is indeed much smaller in size.