Fear the Cheer


Rowdy Boys

Elder High School’s “The Pit” is featured in USA Today’s “10 Great Places to Watch a High School Football Game”. It is no stadium to mess around with. One of the major components that makes our brilliant sports venue nationally recognized is Elder’s rowdy bunch that inhabit the cheering section.

The cheering section sometimes simply referred to as “the section” could not be done without the fine men who accept the role of a cheerleader. The cheerleading position has been around ever since the Panthers took the field, pitch, or court in front of their classmates. These rowdy individuals are seniors of the current school year, and are the most turnt leaders the school has to offer. Cheerleaders are able to lead the Panthers to victory with a large percentage of the student body in their arsenal. The cheerleaders are able to quiet the storm when Ryan Custer is at free throw line or Joe Onorato is about to nail a pigskin through the uprights. A good cheerleader also knows how to get the opposing team rattled by getting the boys up in their full glory.

Nothing like eight riled up handsome young men screaming weird phrases on a Friday night. Elder is unique because they accept the opportunity that co-ed schools do not have; Male-only cheerleaders. In Cincinnati only Elder and X have taken this opportunity. LaSalle and Moeller have caved to society’s ideals. They have incorporated women cheerleaders into their school spirit. LaSalle has really crossed the line by allowing girls from other schools into their section.

For a successful cheering section the night starts with assembling the roster of the cheerleading crew for the night. Usually the GCL and other big games contain the rowdiest students. It all starts with these guys. From the moment they run the flags out in the beginning of the game it is all business for the boys with the megaphones. They are dressed for full success, wearing outfits to suit the event. For example, when the Panthers took on the visitors from Scott County it was the anniversary of 9/11. In remembrance of that tragic day our Panther cheerleaders suited up in their finest USA garments along with the rest of the cheering section.

The first GCL football matchup of the year is October 2nd. The Panthers will take the field against the school on North Bend road. No, not the LaSalle Lancers. Elder will be playing the St. Xavier Bombers. This game is no game to mess around with, and the cheerleaders chosen for this game are among the most boisterous boys in our senior class.

I met up with some of the boys selected to do this game. Dan Lutz, a rowdy student of Elder High School, is excited to be on the lineup for when the Panthers take on the bombers in a classic GCL showcase. I asked him about how cheerleading has been so far, and what it means to him and his school.

Lutz expressed his beliefs quite thoroughly stating that this is the best school in Ohio when it comes to spirit. He said that his experience so far has been wonderful, and it means so much to him to be trusted with the job as cheerleader. He is honored to throw on some paint and get the boys fired up in the name of Archbishop William H. Elder.

Lutz said, “When the bombers take the field on that beautiful Friday night they are going to feel like they are playing in The Pit. Portable pit baby.”

I asked Dan what his favorite cheer is. “Without a doubt, Nani Nani. (there is )Nothing like making a weird noise and 500 plus kids are screaming something back at you.”

Donovan Hester is another one of the guys who will be on the lineup on October 2nd. He also led cheers at the Scott County game, and he was telling me about his experience running out the letter “D” flag at the beginning of the game.

“Little bit of a wardrobe malfunction on that one. Outfits were great. Except that night I was wearing a 34 waist, which was due to the fact that the shorts were to cool not to wear. Anyways, I was running the letter “D” out and my pants were dropping. Those flags are heavy, and must be held with two hands. My goal was to keep the pants somewhat on, but the main goal was to keep that flag flying for Elder. Next time I will wear a belt.”

That led into the discussion of the outfits for the St. X game. It was clear, the cheerleaders were coming in suits, and they are going to look good.

We expect that in return of the maximum effort given by the rowdy members of this committee that the student body makes its best effort to get out to the events. Cheer hard and loud, and cheer with passion. The cheerleader’s job is not limited to football games. The cheerleading crew is committed to lead the Panthers through some great cheers in basketball, soccer, etc. this entire school year. See you in the section.