Teen dies to save three lives

Zaevion Dobson saves fellow students in an act of unprecedented bravery.


On December 18, 2015, a teenage boy was tragically killed by a shooter that entered his school.  The shooter unloaded his gun on the students right before leaving for Christmas break.   Zaevion William Dobson, 15, jumped on top of three girls to shield them from the bullets. Dobson was killed, but Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero said that it was a story like no other.

Rogero said Dobson, a football player and sophomore at Fulton High School was not only involved in sports, but was a mentor to others through the 100 Black Men of Greater Knoxville chapter. The organization’s purpose it to serve as a catalyst to empower African American and other minority youth to reach their full potential. Dobson was a well-known kid around the school for the many things he was involved in and was a well-respected individual.

Rob Black, Dobson’s coach, said he was “only a sophomore, but a very contagious young man who was very well liked by his peers and teachers.” Black, who also spoke at the press conference met with members of the Fulton High School Football team 11:30 p.m. Friday to talk about the shooting of their teammate.  That coach had to go in front of his players and other coaches and talk about what just happened.  I couldn’t image what he had to go through while standing in front of them

“It’s going to be a tough time as we leave from here and go meet with our football players,” said Black. “Probably 80 young men who are having to deal with this now.” There were also reports that Black was emotional as he was talking in front of reporters.  I’m sure he was because that would be tough on a coach to talk about one of your players when they had just been killed.  Now, while everything was fresh and confusing, he had to get in front of his team and talk about it.

Black asked for prayers, not only for the Dobson family, but for Zaevion Dobson’s football family and for Fulton High School. “This is a fine, fine young man who is a success story,” he said. “And and I want to try to continue to celebrate the life that he had here and the impact that he made on his peers.”


Obama tweets out about Dobson's death
Obama tweets out about Dobson’s death


Police say the man who fired the shots that killed Dobson was 23-year old Brandon Perry, who also died.

What Dobson did that day will always be remembered and for the right reason.  He put others before himself without any hesitation and that is amazing.  He didn’t think twice about it and I’m sure he doesn’t regret it.  When I heard about this story, I was amazed at how courageous he was.  It really got to me and made me think about my life and how sometimes I put myself before others and only do what is best for me.