Orloff anchors Elder defense

Junior linebacker Kyle Orloff looks to make big strides this year



Three Sport Athlete Kyle Orloff

There are many familiar faces returning to this year’s Elder defense, and among them is junior linebacker Kyle Orloff. Orloff came onto the scene late last year during Elder’s playoff run and he hasn’t looked back.

Orloff is already starting out his junior campaign strong, as he is tied for fourth in the GCL in tackles. He also has forced a fumble. Orloff said it is one of his goals for the season to lead the GCL in tackles and to also force seven fumbles.

Holding down the middle with Orloff is sophomore linebacker Ryan Furniss. This is Furniss’s first taste of varsity football, and Orloff’s leadership has helped him immensely.

“Any time I have a question about a play or anything, I can always go to Kyle,” said Furniss. “He really leads by example and I strive to be like him.”

Orloff is known for laying down same massive hits, so I asked junior wide receiver Louis Faillace what it is like to go against him in practice.

“Oh, of course I’m scared, every hit Kyle delivers rattles their bones,” said Faillace.

Orloff said there is nothing he loves more than just laying down a massive hit on an opponent.

Seeing all the success Orloff has in football, one would think he probably spends all his time focusing on football, but he is in fact a three sport varsity athlete. How can Orloff, with no off-seasons in between, possibly manage to excel in each sport?

“I love playing all the sports even though it occupies most of my life, but I like to put a lot of time and work into them to be successful,” said Orloff.

Being a returning starter, there is going to be a lot more pressure on him than last year. “I don’t really mind the pressure,” said Orloff. “I will just do whatever it takes for the team to win.”

With leadership and talent like this, Orloff and the Elder defense will be a force to be reckoned with this year.