Paul Brown Stadium gets a new look


Paul Brown Stadium

We are still a few months away until the start of training camp, but this off-season has been a busy one for the Bengals and their stadium. For a while now, the Bengals have needed upgrades to their video boards because the ones they have now cannot compete with the ones in other stadiums across the country. The Bengals are going to be paying 25 percent of the cost for the $10 million scoreboard upgrade.

The Bengals just got new turf last season which was basically the first wave of new additions to PBS. This year they are focusing on enhancing the experience for the fans and players by refurbishing the boxes and locker rooms, along with a plethora of other changes.

Projects for the players include rebuilding and expanding the team’s weight room, aerobics room, player lounge, dining facility and television studio.

The expansion of the weight room by 50%  is giving us the chance to be home to a Major League Soccer team, which would play at PBS.

For the fans, they are going to finally be able to have wifi capabilities during games which would help them keep up with all the action on and off the field. The wifi at PBS is monumental for the fans because for those of you who know, the cell phone reception down there is horrible, so the move to get improved wifi is solving that problem.

All of these upgrades are coming right after the second Banks project was announced. The entire banks of Cincinnati has taken over a completely new look in the past 10 years. So much has been going on down there, and the Paul Brown Stadium upgrades are just the beginning of the newly revamped Banks of Cincinnati.